Burj Babil

  /  Burj Babil
01. Garen 07:38
02. Wersh 07:53
03. Hammourabi 06:10

About The Release

A trice from the first album recorded by Molo sayat. Fully self produced from recording to mastering to manually fabricating and printing the CD pouches ! HAMMOURABI is a traditional Lebanese song (Aala dal’ouna) revisited by Molo Sayat, WÊRSH is a composition in Rromanes, and GAREN is a composition in Domari ( language of the middle eastern Rrom ).

YA MILAVA is a traditional Tzigane Russian song rearranged by Molo Sayat and recorded only live @quai_des_brumes, Montreal .

Release Date: 01/10/2012
Genre: Folk Jazz Apatride